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Critical Illness Cover

Expatriate Critical Illness Insurance can provide cover in the event of permanent and total disability, or the diagnosis of a specified serious illness. In the event of incapacity your future plans are likely to dramatically change.

You may wish to retire early or move house, and critical illness cover will help provide an income to cover day to day living costs, mortgage repayments or medical expenses. As with life cover there are different types of critical illness plans that have a choice of coverage either on a single or joint life basis.

1in 10 of us in later life will contract some form of one of the worlds top serious illnesses. To have sufficient protection in place is paramount for you and your families financial security and piece of mind.

Millener and Partners can offer a free consultation to assist you in forming the best protection vehicle for your needs. We have fully comprehensive polices that give total all round financial protection, or you can tailor make a policy that will take care of your current needs but will allow you to increase your levels of cover as time passes by.


  • AA+ rated protection companies / Low premiums
  • Tax Free payout's
  • Multi-currency premiums & payments available  
  • Single premium payout to ease any financial burdens on diagnosis
  • Hospital cover
  • Spouses income arrangement
  • Broker support
  • Single or joint life
  • Level term or decreasing cover